2 thoughts on “Def Poetry: Common – “God is Freedom””

  1. “Peace, peace, peace, y’all.

    Kick one off right quick.

    I feel rugged
    I am rugged
    damn rugged
    I walk on the carpet of the universe
    keep on

    And speak on shit
    most are scared or unprepared
    but I fled for my people so
    keep on

    Beyond space
    I look for a place to put
    I gotta work
    keep on

    Dreams of Black roads, of Black souls that act holistic
    its realistic
    keep on

    Pharoah of the sun
    lookin down the barrel of a gun
    y’all know where I’m from
    keep on

    Niggas at the crib sayin Rash look wierd
    from myself I never hid
    keep on

    Niggas at the crib say for them I never did
    30 year old kids, shit boy
    keep on

    Any means necessarian
    I be missin chicken
    keep on

    Request for another ressurection
    the way I rhyme before
    this ain’t ’94
    keep on

    Chat room geeks
    critique my B-Boy physique
    who the fuck made you Hip Hop police
    keep on

    Journalist who never had their turn at this
    if its fresh, who are you to determine this
    keep on

    You here to show truth
    or expose your cooch
    you know I know reek from the roots
    girl, keep on

    Disease man made
    to reproduce we afraid
    a cure
    Magic got AIDS
    keep on

    Supportin two homes
    payin back school loans
    like the NBA I’m in a new zone
    keep on

    Got married
    can you carry the weight it take
    to not get your freak on
    keep on

    Fuck shrooms and ecstasy
    I’m consumed with a recipe
    to get my blood to the highest destiny
    keep on

    The blackest of rappers
    I ain’t doin no namin
    go to Europe and start O’Jayin
    keep on

    whether choppin the raw
    or studyin for the bar
    we all children of Allah
    keep on

    Flyer say Free Mumia on my freezer
    I’m holdin still mixin Echinacea and Golden Seal
    keep on

    Is it just an illusion
    it’s many levels to it
    it’s rebel music
    so keep on.”

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