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Obama For President? Race Matters…still!

by Marc Freeman

The Democratic primary has had an enlightening effect on me, and the lessons learned have been both new, and confirmational of previously acquired truths. No matter how far “we” come, no matter how much “we” accomplish, no matter how much more intelligent “we” are, and no matter how much money “we” have… race matters, and it is this racism that will serve to deteriorate the fabric that should bind us all together. I have a son now and I love him so very much. I am at times humbled by his potential and the world he’ll face as a Black man. Yes, I’ve made it as well as many other Black men and women, but the future promises challenges which reach far beyond Blackness in America. Every empire throughout history has run a complete cycle from infancy, domination, and ultimately death. What becomes of the the Black man and woman once America loses its position as super power… as empire. What will it mean to be Black on the world’s stage once America has died?

I am a man of faith, and I believe that God is in full control and that one way or another men and women are going to return to the place God desires us to be… a place of seeking, and desiring those things of God. My faith allows me to understand why our heavenly father is not intervening in the diabolically detrimental dealings of man, and the universal implications of such. Man needs to realize his frailty, and the futility of his dependence on the material comforts of this world. Through the self-destruction of man’s self reliance, our instinctive desire to survive will lead us back to our Creator, the place we began. My wife and I desire to have another child, but my cynicism regarding the future has quelled this ambition for me somewhat. Should we be blessed to bring life into existence through the physical expression of our undying love… wonderful… otherwise our focus should be the sanctification of our souls, and the spiritual enlightenment of those around us. Jesus is the most perfect example of how we should treat one another in the physical realm, while honoring God in the spiritual. I’ve made a commitment to do what I can to elevate the teachings of Jesus, not a particular ministry, a particular pastor, or even scripture. Truth, love, forgiveness, non-judgment, peace, contentment, and spiritual prosperity (the only prosperity our heavenly father is concerned with), can all be experienced through Jesus beyond his miracles, his sermons, or his parables… knowing the Jesus that wasn’t written about, his inner most thoughts, his total essence. I am conscientiously not promoting church, as much of the dismay in the world is being propagated enthusiastically by the indifference of the so called benevolent ministries throughout the world, which are more concerned with fiscal matters of the ministry than the spiritual. The membership number nor the financial portfolios of a ministry speak to the effectiveness of the word being proclaimed. Jesus started with 12 and an account of $0, he ended with 12 and an account of $0, and in between he had 12 and an account of $0, yet we still speak of his walk today. So why are churches “selling” God through messages of financial prosperity, with heavenly promises attached to monetary giving, tithes and offerings? The time has come for the realization and implementation of a personal walk with Jesus, a dialog with Jesus that needs not a pastor, preacher, priest, choir, drums, and guitar. The only prerequisite to the realization of truth through Jesus Christ is the desire to receive it (Matthew 6). The bible speaks of God placing his ministry in the hearts and minds of his people, so that the time will come that there will be no need for one man to say to another “let me tell you about God” (Hebrews 8). That time isn’t now… it WAS generations ago when Jesus died and was raised as a living sacrifice to atone for the sins of all those who believed.

I’ve found that in the midst of the moral decay of the world’s collective consciousness, my spiritual rebirth heightens my awareness of the totality of man. Thus, the mini sermon. Though I accept racism exists, I rise above it to see that the hearts of all men harbor the same vanities, insecurities, fears, hopes, uncertainties, and sins. Yes, race matters, but self preservation matters more. We’re all simply trying to survive, but the methods we’re implementing to ensure survival are all failing. I want to do a thing that brings people back to Jesus. Preachers, ministries, and congregations are focused on man in the form of the pastor, the musician, the choir… not Jesus. This is why we brag on our ministers, our churches, our choirs, and our members… but who do you hear bragging on Jesus? I don’t know what your beliefs are, but I hope your spirit receives this. If you are not Christian, as a Christian I can understand why you wouldn’t be, because despite the name “Christian”, everything BUT Christ is being taught in sanctuaries throughout the world. Hey you all know me, and my flaws are too numerous to mention, but I’m not going to allow condemnation by others or myself regarding my shortcomings to delay my obedience to acting on that which Jesus has placed in my spirit to act upon. I do know that my calling is to demystify Christ, and make myself available to be ministered through by Christ. The hope of Obama has been contagious, and for good reason. He is a mercilessly brilliant man, with a heart of compassion rarely seen. There is an aire of savior that surrounds Obama’s countenance, but there is but one who deserves that title… Jesus. Whether Obama wins or not, what we’re facing is so much bigger. It’s all so very clear to me now.

PeAcE Ya’ll,


P.S. Pass the word on ya’ll… It’s all about JESUS!!!