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Pioneers show Americans how to live “off-grid”

from Reuters By Tim Gaynor BISBEE, Ariz (Reuters) - With energy prices going through the roof, an alternative lifestyle powered by solar panels and wind turbines has suddenly become more appealing to some. For architect Todd Bogatay, it has been reality for years. When he bought this breezy patch of scrub-covered mountaintop with views to Mexico more than two decades ago, he was one of only a few Americans with an ...

What direction should my ceiling fan go in the winter?

In the 1880's after the invention of electricity, the first ceiling fan was born and became the first real electrical appliance. Then in the late 1940's with electricity at a super low cost and the air conditioning intro, ceiling fan needs some what disappeared.The rebirth of the ceiling fan occurred when energy costs began to rise at an uncomfortable rate in 1974. As these costs rose ...

Energy Conservation Tips

* Be careful with your water use - Cutting your shower time down just a few minutes each time can save you more than you'd think. Check leaks. One drip can cost you 75 gallons of water a month. Insulate pipes where possible to prevent heat loss, and only operate dishwashers and washing machines with full loads. Consider low-flow shower heads. * Watch the thermostat ...


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