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iATKOS 5i Installation on GA-EP35-DS3R


Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R motherboard with latest BIOs
Corsair XMS2 DDR2 memory (3GB)
E4300 Core 2 Duo Processor OCd to 2.4GHz
6 SATA devices (including DVD-R Burner)
1 IDE DVD-R Burner
nVidia GeForce 7500 OpenGL Engine (EFI)

BIOs settings:

SATA Mode AHCI : Disabled
CPU Thermal Monitor 2 : Enabled
No Execute Memory Protect : Enabled


Apple Decrypt
SMBIOS by netkas
Remove PowerManagement.kext
Remove Thermal Kext
Graphics Update
Intel SATA

Run Universal Installer

Select motherboard: (download from preferences)
Check Apply kext package
Check Apply DSDT patch
Set Boot Timeout to : 5 seconds
Install PC_EFI v9 Chameleon Edition 1.0.12
Apply Ethernet EFI String (Time Machine Fix)
Apply EFI String for video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7500 256MB
Install Custom Kexts from HD : (browse for downloaded file)
Click Install and wait until finished

You may also want to look at these two packages:
AzaliaAudio.pkg and ALC883Audio.pkg

For more information about Gigabyte motherboards, go here or here.

Health Alert: Eating fruits, cold water, and heart attacks


We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It’s not so easy as you think. It’s important to know how and when to eat.

What is the correct way of eating fruits?


If you eat fruit like that, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.


Let’s say you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is ready to go straight
through the stomach into the intestines, but it is prevented from doing so.

In the meantime the whole meal rots and ferments and turns to acid. The minute the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil.

So please eat your fruits on an empty stomach or before your meals! You have heard people complaining – every time I eat water-melon I burp, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I
eat banana I feel like running to the toilet etc – actually all this will not arise if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach. The fruit mixes with the putrefying other food and produces gas and hence you will

Graying hair, balding, nervous outburst, and dark circles under the eyes all these will not happen if you take fruits on an empty stomach.

There is no such thing as some fruits like orange and lemon are acidic because all fruits become alkaline in our body, according to Dr. Herbert Shelton who did a research on this matter.

If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the Secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight.

When you need to drink fruit juice – drink only fresh fruit juice, NOT From the cans. Don’t even drink
juice that has been heated up. Don’t eat Cooked fruits because you don’t get the nutrients at all. You only get to taste.

Cooking destroys all the vitamins.

But eating a whole fruit is better than drinking the juice. If you Should drink the juice, drink it mouthful by mouthful slowly, because you must Let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it.

You can go on a 3-day fruit fast to cleanse your body.

Just eat fruits and drink fruit juice throughout the 3 days and you will Be surprised when your friends
tell you how radiant you look!

KIWI: Tiny but mighty. This is a good source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E &fiber. Its Vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.

APPLE: An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Although an apple has a low Vitamin C content, it has
antioxidants & flavonoids which enhances the activity of Vitamin C thereby helping to lower the risks of colon cancer, heart attack & stroke.

STRAWBERRY: Protective Fruit. Strawberries have the highest total antioxidant power among major fruits & protect the body from cancer-causing, blood vessels-clogging free radicals.

ORANGE : Sweetest medicine. Taking 2 -4 oranges a day may help keep colds away, lower cholesterol, prevent &dissolve kidney stones as well as lessens the risk of colon cancer.

WATERMELON: Coolest Thirst Quencher Composed of 92% water, it is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione, which helps boost our immune system. They are also a key source of lycopene – the cancer fighting oxidant. Other nutrients found in watermelon are Vitamin C & Potassium.

GUAVA &PAPAYA: Top awards for Vitamin C. They are the clear winners for their high Vitamin C content. Guava is Also rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation. Papaya is rich in carotene; this is good for your eyes.


Drinking Cold water after meal = Cancer! Can you believe this??

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion.

Once this ‘sludge’ reacts with the acid, it will break down and be Absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine.

Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to Drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.


Heart attack procedure:

Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.

You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack.

Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms. 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up.

Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let’s be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive…

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we’ll save at least one life. Read this…It could save your life!!

Let’s say it’s 6.15 pm and you’re driving home. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to radiate out into your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hospital nearest your home.

Unfortunately you don’t know if you’ll be able to make it that far. You have been trained in CPR, but the guy that taught the course did not tell you how to perform it on yourself.


Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness.

However, these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and Very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each cough, deep and prolonged, as when producing sputum from deep inside the chest.

A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally again.

Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze The heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm.

In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital. Tell as many Other people as possible about this. It could save their lives!!

Hypermiling : Ways to decrease your fuel consumption

From Hypermiling

1. First (and most important) step: Start recording your gas mileage. Easiest way? Use your trip odometer. Method to check your MPG

2. Second step: Do you drive aggressively and not know it?

3. The third step: How long are you sitting still at red lights?

4. The fourth step: Keeping moving in traffic congestion.

5. The fifth step: Slowly accelerate after stops.

6. The sixth step: Your cruise control saves gas (but not by using it they way you might think)

Cleaning cat urine from carpets

from Cat World

If the urine is still wet, blot up as much as you can with paper towels. Stand on the paper towel to help absorb as much moisture as possible. There are many commercially available products on the market designed to remove & neutralize cat urine odour. Some of these products come in powder form, so can be easily vacuumed off, others are liquid (often as a spray), so once you have applied it, it can be dried with the aid of a hairdryer.

Old cat urine is a bigger problem as it begins to break down, it is this process which results in the offensive odour. If the urine has dried & you are having problems locating the soiled area use a blacklight. Turn out your lights & move the black light around the floor, walls & furnishings to help identify soiled areas. Cat urine will glow green. You should be able to purchase a blacklight from your hardware store, or pet store.

You may also want to try some home remedies. Blot up as much urine as you can with paper towels. Apply baking soda to the wet urine stain. This will draw out the urine. When the baking soda turns yellow from the urine, remove & apply some more. Repeat until the baking soda stays white. If possible, leave on the carpet overnight. The following day, vacuum it off.

White vinegar is a time tried and proven ingredient that aids in removing both urine stains and the odour. Combine one part distilled white vinegar to two parts warm water to create a spray. Remove as much urine/spray as you can using a paper towels. Mist vinegar spray over areas of cat urine and rub with a paper towel. An alternative method is to mix the solution in a bucket and dip a clean cloth into the liquid. Rub the stain with the vinegar solution. After the vinegar dries, wipe away both solution and stain with warm water.

Another simple to make spray uses 15 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of baking soda, and two squirts of liquid hand soap. Mix in a plastic container with a plastic spoon. Discard after use. Apply this solution to cat urine stains or odour areas, and then rinse away with warm water.

How to listen

from Communication Nation

Great communicators are great listeners. They pay attention and ask questions until they gain a deep and textured understanding of whatever situations they find themselves in.

An intellectual understanding is not enough: great communicators listen till they feel it. They empathize.

If you want to be a better communicator learn to listen, and more importantly, listen to learn.

As you talk to people, make it a habit to continuously check to confirm that you are understanding them correctly. The more questions you ask, the less tempted you will be to preach or prescribe solutions. How would you feel if your doctor prescribed medication before asking you about your symptoms? The more people talk to you, the more they will feel understood, and the more they will like you.

Here are the ten commandments of good listening:

1. Empty your mind. Try to begin with a blank slate. This will help you stay open to things you don’t expect — one of the most powerful things listening can do is open your mind to new ideas or reveal things that were formerly hidden.

2. Understand the context. Try to figure out what the person is trying to communicate and why. This will help you act in a manner that’s appropriate to the context, and ask the right questions.
– Are they just venting or do they want to change something?
– What problem do they want to solve?
– What result do they want?
– Do they want you to do something? If so, what?

3. Don’t get distracted. Your mind will have a natural tendency to wander, because we can think faster than people can talk. Knowing your your learning style can help: Are you visual (learn by seeing), auditory (learn by hearing) or kinesthetic (learn by doing)?

4. Use follow trails. A follow trail is a simple question that you can keep asking till you get to the root of something. Just continue to ask the question till you get to the source. You’ll be surprised how powerful this one is. Here are some examples of follow trail questions:
– And?/and?
– Why?/why?
– How?/how?

5. Use body language. Your physical behavior signals how well you’re communicating. The most important signal is your eyes. Make steady eye contact and focus on the person’s face. Nodding and leaning forward also signal attention.

6. Ask questions. Like a good detective, the art is in asking the right questions, and asking them well.

7. Take notes. It demonstrates that what the person is saying is important enough for you to write it down. Occasionally, verbally summarize your notes out loud, to show the other person you are hearing and understanding them.

8. Confirm your understanding. As you listen, think about how the person’s thoughts would work in practice. play out scenarios in your mind and ask the person to confirm your understanding. For example, ask the person:
– “So if I were to apply this, I would…”
– “So what you are saying is…”

9. Let the person finish before you speak. We listen and process information faster than people can talk — this can result in reacting or answering before someone is finished speaking — your mind is racing ahead. Not to mention it’s rude. Don’t interrupt.

10. Don’t judge too quickly. Suppress your own reactions — remember to maintain that blank slate in your mind. Reserve judgment till the end of the conversation (or even later). If you keep an open mind you will reap the full benefit of the conversation and if you don’t, you are limiting its potential.

Next time you communicate — whether it’s with an individual or with agroup — diagnose before you prescribe. The results will amaze you.

Listening skills

The average college student spends about 14 hours per week in class listening (or perhaps I should say “hearing“–there is a difference!) to lectures. See if you can improve your listening skills by following some of the strategies below:

Maintain eye contact with the instructor. Of course you will need to look at your notebook to write your notes, but eye contact keeps you focused on the job at hand and keeps you involved in the lecture.

Focus on content, not delivery. Have you ever counted the number of times a teacher clears his/her throat in a fifteen minute period? If so, you weren’t focusing on content.

Avoid emotional involvement. When you are too emotionally involved in listening, you tend to hear what you want to hear–not what is actually being said. Try to remain objective and open-minded.

Avoid distractions. Don’t let your mind wander or be distracted by the person shuffling papers near you. If the classroom is too hot or too cold try to remedy that situation if you can. The solution may require that you dress more appropriately to the room temperature.

Treat listening as a challenging mental task. Listening to an academic lecture is not a passive act–at least it shouldn’t be. You need to concentrate on what is said so that you can process the information into your notes.

Stay active by asking mental questions. Active listening keeps you on your toes. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you listen. What key point is the professor making? How does this fit with what I know from previous lectures? How is this lecture organized?

Use the gap between the rate of speech and your rate of thought. You can think faster than the lecturer can talk. That’s one reason your mind may tend to wander. All the above suggestions will help you keep your mind occupied and focused on what being said. You can actually begin to anticipate what the professor is going to say as a way to keep your mind from straying. Your mind does have the capacity to listen, think, write and ponder at the same time, but it does take practice.

The best teacher is a great coach

Modified from Winning Youth Football from a post by coach Khalfie.

The key to getting a killer whale to jump through a flaming hoop is simple… meet the killer whales most pressing need, and it will do everything you ask… however, make sure you ask of the killer whale, real simple tasks, before asking to jump through the flaming hoop… and when the whale does that simple task, meet his most basic need immediately, and the basic need for a killer whale is food… for a teenager… attention… love… protection.

So, what trainers of killer whales do, is put a line under the water… and every time the killer whale swims over the line, the trainer congratulates, celebrates and feeds the whale immediately.

Whale Done

As it applies to students… first and foremost, the teaching staff and myself go on a Whale Done crusade… catching, rewarding, and congratulating our students on the most minute of sincereties… “Eric… I saw you shared your water with your teammate… whale done!” While creating relationships with our players… we are assessing their most primal needs… some may be looking for a male role model… some looking for a disciplinarian… others a friend… some a confident, and many a father figure…. so we prepare to be all of these things for many different players, fully recognizing that certain players will only trust certain coaches. Once we ascertain whose ears we have, we create huddle groups, and communicate from such.

We must catch our students doing Whale… so we can say whale done… we must set up the line under the water… give our bad kids real easy opportunities to be recognized as good kids, and tell them whale done when they do it, so they know we are paying attention.

Some bad behavior, we have to address, but not necessarily punish, killer whales know how to react when attacked… First and foremost we must make sure our kids know their well being is our first priority. In short… if the bad kid told me f-you… and we were in an environment of bad language, in which emotions haven’t been taught how to be addressed properly… I’d send the kid home. The next day, we’d talk about the interaction…


If I haven’t created an environment where I can catch this bad kid doing whale, but only created an environment of flaming hoops without teaching the kids first how to cross the line under the water…. and then punish him for not jumping through the flaming hoop… even if it is only flaming in his mind… then shame on me for being a poor trainer and accepting a job with killer whales involved… and forget me…I know there are certain social discourses we should be able to expect from every individual… but again… if I don’t know the background of the kid… shame on me, for messing the with killer whale in the first place.


If winning is all that matters, then you should be running a program that facilitates winning. One thing is for sure – if I create young men of character… WINNING will take care of itself.

If I can get young men to internalize the rudiments of manhood… being accountable and responsible… WINNING will take care of itself…

You can’t hold someone accountable and responsible for something they don’t know… so first you must teach it… and once the two of you come to an understanding that the required information is known, then and only then, can you hold them accountable and responsible. You want your team to hit the weights at 6:00am before school? That’s a flaming hoop… will your killer whale jump through it? I doubt it… so what do you do? Kick the best kid off your team because he’s not committed? I thought Winning was all that mattered?


I want to win… so I work to get that kid committed. But before I ask him to be committed, I first make sure he understands what commitment means… I make sure, I get him committed to small things… such as addressing the coaches as coach or sir… making sure he and one other teammate are in constant contact… addressing his grade situation… not bettering… just recognizing where it currently stands.

Like a coach, a teacher’s job is to model, promote, and develop (learning)… to do anything else is to be irrelevant.