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How to copy music from iPod to PC

  1. Connect the USB-Sync cable from your iPod to the PC.
  2. If your WindowsXP PC still does not have iTunes installed, skip this step. If iTunes is installed a prompt will ask whether you would like to associate this iPod with this computer which will delete its content. Click No.” Make sure that “Enable Disk Use” is selected.
  3. Open My Computer the iPod should be automatically detected as a portable hard drive.
  4. Click on the iPod icon or the iPod portable hard drive letter to open the contents of the drive.
  5. You should see a folder called “iPod Control.” If you don’t, it’s hidden and invisible. To make it visible, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and then check (enable) the option “Show hidden files and folders.”
  6. Open the “iPod Control” folder, then the Music folder.
  7. The Music folder contains the iPod’s media library (music, videos, podcasts, photos, etc.). The library is divided into folders. Copy the library to the local computer’s hard drive (preferably the My Music folder).
  8. The files copied have unintelligible four-letter file names. To reveal the names of the songs and other data tags, add the files to the Windows Media Player or iTunes libraries or switch to “Tiles” view in Windows Explorer.
  9. You can rename the file if you want to, but its not important.
  10. You may now listen to your music in iTunes. If you do not have a copy, download it for free. If you want to listen to it in Windows Media Player, you may need to convert the music tags from MP4 to MP3 using a audio converter like Audio CD Burner MX.