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Celestial – The Moon in Full Color

Jose Escamilla's work is nothing less than inspirational. "Celestial" will surely give birth to movie scripts rivaling 2001: A Space Odyssey and Prometheus. Check it out for yourself. Official website

Hypermiling : Ways to decrease your fuel consumption

From Hypermiling 1. First (and most important) step: Start recording your gas mileage. Easiest way? Use your trip odometer. Method to check your MPG 2. Second step: Do you drive aggressively and not know it? 3. The third step: How long are you sitting still at red lights? 4. The fourth step: Keeping moving in traffic congestion. 5. The fifth step: Slowly accelerate after stops. 6. The sixth step: Your cruise control saves gas ...

Cheap Drinking Water from the Ocean

Carbon nanotube-based membranes will dramatically cut the cost of desalination. By Aditi Risbud A water desalination system using carbon nanotube-based membranes could significantly reduce the cost of purifying water from the ocean. The technology could potentially provide a solution to water shortages both in the United States, where populations are expected to soar in areas with few freshwater sources, and worldwide, where a lack of clean water is a major ...

How to listen

from Communication Nation Great communicators are great listeners. They pay attention and ask questions until they gain a deep and textured understanding of whatever situations they find themselves in. An intellectual understanding is not enough: great communicators listen till they feel it. They empathize. If you want to be a better communicator learn to listen, and more importantly, listen to learn. As you talk to people, make it a habit to continuously ...

Listening skills

The average college student spends about 14 hours per week in class listening (or perhaps I should say "hearing"--there is a difference!) to lectures. See if you can improve your listening skills by following some of the strategies below: Maintain eye contact with the instructor. Of course you will need to look at your notebook to write your notes, but eye contact keeps you focused on the job at ...

Scientists target poor to test sludge theory

from the Cape Cod Times. By JOHN HEILPRIN and KEVIN S. VINEYS BALTIMORE — Scientists using federal grants spread fertilizer made from human and industrial wastes on yards in poor, black neighborhoods to test whether it might protect children from lead poisoning in the soil. Families were assured the sludge was safe and were never told about any harmful ingredients. Nine low-income families in Baltimore row houses agreed to let researchers till ...

Ten Greatest Pictures Taken by Hubble

1. The Sombrero Galaxy - 28 million light years from Earth - was voted best picture taken by the Hubble telescope. The dimensions of the galaxy, officially called M104, are as spectacular as its appearance. It has 800 billion suns and is 50,000 light years across. 2. The Ant Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas whose technical name is Mz3, resembles an ...

The Gravity Aircraft


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