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My Mountain Spring

Copyright © 2006 Erik Stensland

Something so sweet lives in me – has been in me
And now as I live to live to give life light
It oozes out of me
Like water from rivers unseen
From banks of mighty waters
Where life’s lines ripple above, over and against its motion
I stand and I kneel somewhere amidst stately carved mountains
Purposefully uneven in its carvings
and hollowed in the meaning of each frigid ridge are tender mercies of spring water . . .
Springing from a spring unseen
Yet its springing tells the story of its origin
-And the waters spring out
-And the waters spring out
-And the waters spring out

There is a silence amidst this rocky, stately, misty scene
where I hear the makings of the universe over and over again
And there is a creek there that sings to me
The melodies I taste saturate my palate of life
Like a mother’s love
Like a Mother loved

And it sings to me
-just for me
I slip in and out
I slip in and out
Wondering if the creek it is I see
Is it what I see — me . . .
Me I see
A Sea in the creek that sees/seas me

Nonetheless, notes ascend from this tender creek to the mountains that encamp around it
Music, I say
Amidst Rocky Mountains who knows where its waters spring from
Sweet and tender notes playing for the soul of man
I kneel
And I stand
And I kneel again
Lord have Mercy
Lord have mercy
Mercy my Lord

Mercy me
It’s not a mercy seat
But a Mercy scene
And I began to sing . . .

“Jesus my rock
Jesus my mountain spring
Jesus my peace
Jesus!” my music sings
It sings
It sings
It sings
“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus!” — I say!
It sings
Mist in the midst of a lonely creek
Encamped against great rocks
Jesus my rocky spring
My song
My note
The melody that plays in me-
-to me

-through me

“Jesus, sweet Jesus!”
I stand
I kneel
I kneel
I kneel
And Kneel again
And the waters come oozing from My Mountain Spring
And I am drenched.

Copyright © 2006 Melanie Nunnally
Photograph can be found at the site of Erik Stensland