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Planned Parenthood: Wanting Fewer Blacks ‘Understandable’

A student-run magazine at UCLA has revealed an undercover investigation in which representatives of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s abortion industry leader, admitted willingness to accepting a financial donation targeting the destruction of an unborn black baby.

Lila Rose…hopes the taped responses of Planned Parenthood officials in seven states reveal to her local UCLA community and the nation the racist leanings of the organization…

“Students … are surprised to hear the truth about [Planned Parenthood founder] Margaret Sanger, and how the African-American community is being hurt by abortion,” Rose said.

Sanger supported eugenics to cull those she considered unfit from the population. In 1921, she said eugenics is “the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.”

At one point, Sanger lamented “the ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.” Another time, Sanger wrote, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

…Nationwide, almost half of all black pregnancies end in abortion, officials said.

…The Advocate released a transcript of a conversation between an actor presuming to be a racist and wanting to make a donation, and a woman identified as Autumn Kersey, vice president of marketing for Planned Parenthood of Idaho.

Actor: I want to specify that abortion to help a minority group, would that be
Planned Parenthood: Absolutely.
Actor: Like the black community for example?
Planned Parenthood: Certainly.
Actor: The abortion – I can give money specifically for a black baby, that would be the purpose?
Planned Parenthood: Absolutely. If you wanted to designate that your gift be used to help an African-American woman in need, then we would certainly make sure that the gift was earmarked for that purpose.
Actor: Great, because I really faced trouble with affirmative action, and I don’t want my kids to be disadvantaged against black kids. I just had a baby; I want to put it in his name.
Planned Parenthood: Yes, absolutely.
Actor: And we don’t, you know we just think, the less black kids out there the better.
Planned Parenthood: (Laughs) Understandable, understandable.
Actor: Right. I want to protect my son, so he can get into college.
Planned Parenthood: All right. Excuse my hesitation, this is the first time I’ve had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I’m excited, and want to make sure I don’t leave anything out.

UCLA student sting exposes racism at Planned Parenthood

Los Angeles, Feb 28, 2008 / 08:07 pm (CNA).- The Advocate, a student magazine at UCLA, has released phone recordings of Planned Parenthood fundraising staffers approving of a donor who claimed he wanted his money to help “lower the number of black people.”

The magazine conducted a seven-state investigation to discover how Planned Parenthood fundraising centers would respond to a caller who expressed explicitly racist motives.

An actor posing as a racist donor called Planned Parenthood development centers asking that his donations be used to abort African-American babies to “lower the number of black people.” Each branch agreed to process the racially earmarked donation. None expressed concern about the racist motives for the donation, and some staffers encouraged the racist reasoning.

In a phone conversation with an Idaho Planned Parenthood office, the actor stated, “the less black kids out there, the better.” Director of Development Autumn Kersey called his position “understandable” and indicated she was excited to process his donation since she had never had a request “like this” before. An Ohio representative, Lisa Hutton, after hearing the donor’s racist explanation said that Planned Parenthood “will accept the money for whatever reason.”

The Editor-in-chief of The Advocate, UCLA sophomore Lila Rose, is leading a student campaign petitioning UCLA to end its ties with Planned Parenthood. Her campaign has won the support of Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rose’s previous work in The Advocate has been featured on The O’Reilly Factor and national radio. Rose said she is hopeful that regardless of their position on abortion, students can unite to combat Planned Parenthood’s racism both past and present.

UCLA senior Jose Manaiza, who was a 2007 nominee for the UCLA Student of the Year award and winner of the 2007 UCLA Chancellor’s Service Award, called upon his fellow African-American students and the entire UCLA student body to “commit to this new era of the Civil Rights Movement and fight any type of racism from Planned Parenthood.”

A video of the investigation’s phone calls is at

Seven-State Investigation Organized By UCLA Students Shows Evidence of Racism at Planned Parenthood

Contact: Lila Rose, The Advocate, 408-497-3982

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27 /Christian Newswire/ — A student magazine at UCLA, The Advocate, released phone recordings of Planned Parenthood staffers approving a donor’s racist agenda, prompting students to begin a petition to request that UCLA administrators cut programs and affiliations with Planned Parenthood. The magazine conducted a seven-state probe to ascertain how Planned Parenthood development centers would respond to a caller who expressed explicitly racist motives behind his donation.

An actor, posing as a racist donor, called Planned Parenthood development centers and asked that his donation be used to abort African American babies in order to “lower the number of black people.” Each branch agreed to process the racially earmarked donation, with some encouraging the racist motive behind it. None expressed concern about the racist reasoning for the donation.

When the actor stated in a phone conversation with an Idaho Planned Parenthood that “the less black kids out there the better,” Director of Development Autumn Kersey called his position “understandable” and indicated she was excited to process his donation. An Ohio representative, Lisa Hutton, tells the donor, when informed of his racist agenda, that Planned Parenthood “will accept the money for whatever reason.”

UCLA senior Jose Manaiza called upon fellow African American students and the entire UCLA student body to “commit to this new era of the Civil Rights Movement and fight any type of racism from Planned Parenthood.” Manaiza, a 2007 nominee for the UCLA Student of The Year award and winner of the 2007 UCLA Chancellor’s Service Award, believes that targeting blacks for abortion violates the civil rights fought for by his hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A student campaign, led by Lila Rose, sophomore at UCLA and Editor-in-chief of The Advocate, has begun petitioning UCLA to end ties with Planned Parenthood. Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, says she supports “the student campaign to get UCLA to cease its programs with Planned Parenthood.”

As part of their campaign, students have entered into discussions with UCLA administrators regarding the university’s relations with Planned Parenthood. So far, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Janina Montero has declined to comment on The Advocate’s investigation or the student campaign.

Rose, whose previous work through The Advocate has been featured on The O’Reilly Factor and national radio, says she is hopeful that regardless of their position on abortion, students can stand together to combat Planned Parenthood’s racism, both past and present.


UCLA Student Magazine Reports Local Planned Parenthood Disguising Statutory Rape

Contact: Lila Rose, 408-497-3982

LOS ANGELES, May 10 /Christian Newswire/ — Student reporter Lila Rose posed as a 15 year old, entered a Santa Monica Planned Parenthood and announced that a 23 year old man had impregnated her, according to the Advocate, a student magazine at UCLA. Planned Parenthood staff informed Rose that this constituted statutory rape and then encouraged her to “figure out a birth-date that works,” to obtain the abortion and avoid getting the man in trouble with the police. The Planned Parenthood staff assured Rose that if she said she was 16 or older, they wouldn’t have to report the rape.

“California’s mandatory reporting laws for statutory rape are supposed to protect pregnant minors,” said Lila Rose, Editor in Chief of The Advocate. “Underage girls are being targeted by predators, and Planned Parenthood is busy covering up the evidence. How many other rapes has this one clinic covered up?”

The second issue of the UCLA student publication, The Advocate, was released yesterday and includes the full report of this story, along with links to video taken of the event.

The Advocate also reports that the UCLA Administration used the student paper, The Daily Bruin, as a front to defend its image as an unbiased, plentiful pregnancy care resource despite previous reporting in the Advocate.

“When women are given politically charged opinions from their counselor, and told that abortion at UCLA is the most feasible option for them, there aren’t many ‘choices’ open for women. The administration is choosing for women, putting them in a situation where their only choice is to abort,” said Rose.

The first issue of The Advocate, released January 22nd, reports that the UCLA health staff instructed a student patient how to illegally use the Medi-Care system to obtain an abortion. It also directly quotes health staff from the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center in a pregnancy counseling session with a student. Ann Brooks, counselor, is quoted as saying “UCLA does not support people who are pregnant or make things easier for them necessarily.”

Rose hopes that the second issue of The Advocate will open eyes to the need for better pregnancy counseling and pregnancy resource awareness and put pressure on the school to correct these deficiencies.

The Advocate can be viewed online at
Youtube videos of the Planned Parenthood event can be found at

Planned Parenthood Threatens Lawsuit Against Pro-Life UCLA Student

Doug Huntington
Christian Post Reporter
Wed, May. 16 2007 07:22 AM ET

Planned Parenthood, the leading provider of surgical abortions, has threatened to file a lawsuit against an 18-year-old student journalist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Lila Rose, who is the student editor and founder of the student pro-life magazine The Advocate, was contacted by the pro-choice organization after she recorded herself going into a clinic in Santa Monica, Calif., posing as a 15-year-old pregnant girl. She went in for an “abortion” with a man named James O’Keefe, who acted as her 23-year-old boyfriend, which would be considered statutory rape.

The tapes reveal that she was advised by employees to invent a birthday, so she did not appear to be 15, making her situation legal. A letter from Planned Parenthood expressed to her that she had no right to tape the incident, and that she did so without their consent.

“[You must] immediately relinquish to PPLA (Planned Parenthood Los Angeles) the original and any copies of all communications with PPLA employees you have recorded without their consent,” reported the letter which was signed by Mary Jane Wagle, CEO of PPLA.

According to PPLA, the lawsuit could cost Rose $5,000 or three times actual damages.

In the recorded conversation, the UCLA student found that PPLA encouraged her not to report her actual age to protect her “boyfriend.” Rose had done the undercover work to expose this practice.

“If you’re 15, we have to report it. If you’re not, if you’re older than that, then we don’t need to,” explained the employee in the recording. “You could say 16…well, just figure out a birth date that works. And I don’t know anything.”

Rather than threatening a lawsuit, Rose instead noted that the organization should make changes to their policies. According to Rose, Planned Parenthood has had numerous incidences in the past.

One such example occurred when Life Dynamics, a Texas-based non-profit organization, hired an actress to make approximately 800 phone calls to abortion facilities across several states, acting as a 13-year-old girl. (Watch the video) She described herself as a victim of sexual assault, but 91 percent of the locations that admitted the action was a crime agreed to conceal it.
“This lawsuit threat is an example of Planned Parenthood using intimidation against those willing to expose its crimes,” explained Rose in an email to The Christian Post. “Planned Parenthood is a $900 million operation. Instead of threatening me with a lawsuit, Planned Parenthood should call a press conference condemning its staffers and promising major reform to protect young girls. Instead, they are threatening a college student.”

Rose has expressed her concern over the girls involved with Planned Parenthood and has also talked about the problems with organization since it is federally funded.

“Imagine a major corporation had been exposed for committing crimes in order to pad its bottom line. There would be a parade of congressmen demanding hearings and reform,” added the UCLA student. “Young girls are at risk and Planned Parenthood is receiving federal tax money. The federal government should investigate this and Planned Parenthood, like any other corporation, should be held accountable.”

Rose, who is currently majoring in political science, founded The Advocate in January.

The Big Buy: Tom Delay’s Stolen Congress

This film clip depicts how Texas Congressman and House Leader Tom DeLay tried to, in his words, “completely redesign government.”

His first aim was to destroy the Department of Education, HUD, OSHA, the NEH, the NEA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Energy. DeLay’s utter contempt of government made him a favorite of corporations who funded his rise to power. DeLay also succeeded in re-writing the Texas congressional districts which resulted in electing five hard-right Republican Congressman to Washington. He made his big mistake when he started to funnel banned corporate money to candidates in the 2002 Texas elections. This triggered an investigation by an obscure district attorney, Ronnie Earle. However, even though DeLay had to resign from Congress, his past successes are still impacting Americans daily.

“The Big Buy” is destined to serve as a rallying cry for those who want to change “The house that Tom built” back into “The people’s house”. And, this disturbing documentary also connects the dots between big money and big government. It’s not a pretty picture.

Every ending is a new beginning


The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

Nature demonstrates that almost everything occurs in cycles. The earth rotates on daily cycles. The moon revolves around the earth on a monthly cycle and the earth around the sun on an annual cycle. Within each year the four seasons take us from cold to warm and again to cold as plants and animals go from a dormant state to a dynamic state. Within nature, every beginning has an ending and all endings herald a new beginning. Every day tides go out and then come in. As each day ends a night begins, followed by a new day, followed once again by night. When winter ends, spring begins.

Our lives have seasons and cycles as well. Each one of us experiences an endless flow of beginnings and endings. Every season of our life has a beginning and ending that leads to a new beginning. Childhood ends and adolescence begins; adolescence ends and adulthood begins; young adulthood ends and middle age begins; middle age ends and old age begins.

We generally like beginnings. We celebrate the new. But we resist endings and attempt to delay them. Very often we don’t feel the joy of a beginning, knowing that in each beginning are the seeds of the end. Although endings can be painful, they are less so if, instead of resisting them, we look at time as a natural process of nature: as leaves budding in the spring, coming to full leaf in the summer, turning to red and gold in autumn and dropping from the trees in winter. It is a comfort to comprehend that we are an integral part of the great scheme of nature.

Much of our resistance to endings stems from our unawareness of each new beginning, from our inability to realize that we are one with nature. Indeed, we may even doubt that there will be a new beginning! The more we can allow ourselves to trust that every ending is a new beginning, the less likely we are to resist letting go of the old. The less resistance we have, the less pain we will experience in making the journey through the many cycles of our lives.

Imagine you are a caterpillar. You have this strange urge to spin a cocoon around your body: certain death! How difficult it would be to let go of the only life you have ever known, a life of crawling on the earth in search of food. Yet if you are willing to trust, as caterpillars seem able to do, the end of your life as an earthbound worm will be the beginning of your life as a beautiful winged creature of the sky. The powerful potential behind change lies in the possibility that each new beginning will bring us greater joy and freedom than we have ever known. Whether or not that actually happens, whether or not we continue to grow throughout the cycle of our lives is largely up to our beginnings, our endings. We can see each ending as tragedy lament it and resist it or we can see each ending as a new beginning, a new birth into greater opportunities.

We will continue to die a trillion spiritual and mental deaths, due to our ignorance of journeying outside the cocoon of our physical being.

1 Cor 15:26-“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death”.

The caterpillar’s pilgrimage is one of God’s lessons in nature to help us understand life and the hereafter. Our conditions in this world will worsen and only our understanding of the hereafter will give us salvation. Man must be born anew if he is going to achieve a meaningful realization of his own divinity and of the kingdom of God within him. God I see your path, I heed your message, and will continue to spread your word.

“Whoever will listen let him listen, and whoever will refuse let him refuse; for they are a rebellious house.” Ezekiel 3:27

This is your President speaking!

This is actually a photograph of the signing of the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1965. The Voting Rights Act was signed on August 6, 1965.

“I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”

– President Lyndon Baines Johnson,
(speaking to two governors about his true motivations regarding his support of civil rights legislation, while aboard Air Force One)

In the book titled You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, page 33

President Bush signed a bill renewing for 25 years the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act , the historic law which opened polls to millions of black Americans by outlawing racist voting practices in the South.

“The right of ordinary men and women to determine their own political future lies at the heart of the American experiment,” Mr. Bush said. “The Voting Rights Act proposed and signed by then-President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 ‘broke the segregationist lock on the voting box.'”

The Boule: Exposing The Intelligence Officers

In the movie “The Matrix Reloaded,” moviegoers are introduced to the character called “The Merovingian.” A rogue computer program created by The Matrix, the Merovingian is one of the few entities able to directly manipulate the strong and loyal code which created The Matrix. The Merovingian is, in effect, the unofficial power broker within the Matrix.

While technically a sophisticated program, the persona of the Merovingian is that of a well mannered bourgeois French gourmet. In the movie he states that he has survived all of Neo’s predecessors. The Merovingian’s wife Persephone also reveals that the Merovingian used to be “like Neo” when she speaks of initially falling in love with him (The One). The Merovingian was intentionally created by the Machines as yet another “form of control”; in this case being a program created specifically to contain and control rogue programs within the Matrix. The Merovingian states that there is “no free will in the world, only lines of causality”, that there are only lines of cause and effect in life, and the best one can do is enjoy oneself in life with material pleasures, which the Merovingian does in abundance. In other words, he sold out.

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. The bamboozle has captured us once again. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

In 1995, I was exposed to some very enlightening information on the goals of a black bourgeoisie Secret Society in America called The Boulé. It took almost 10 years to process the information on this disgusting group of Black men and women. The members of this group have always posed as Freedom Fighters or Civil Rights Activists, but are in fact functioning at there “Lower Self” for personal gain. The Boulé is working in association with their masters at maintaining the grip of white supremacy on the people of color around the world.

To my Brothers & Sister’s of the Fraternal order and Sorority family,

It is not my intention to degrade, point fingers or blame anyone. It is by my Conscious Integrity (Ezekiel 3:17-19) to inform the people of the Truth and Deceit which has the people dangling from invisible umbilical cords of hope. I will always offer a ministry that digs deep into the corners of your consciousness which I hope leads to the deliverance of the inner you; this is what liberating the mind is about.

Dr. Henry Minton (who later joined the first collegiate African American fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha) invited five of his colleagues (Dr.’s Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele and Richard John Warrick), all doctors working in Philadelphia to join him in organizing a social organization that would “bring together a select group of men with a minimum degree of superior education and culture-men who were congenial, tolerant, and hospitable.” This organization is known as the Boulé.

Note: Minton was well educated and married into the Wormley family of Washington. He was responsible for opening the first two hospitals in Philadelphia, both Douglass and Mercy.

Note: Solonian Boule – The Athenian boule, with its distinctive advisory function, is thought to have been established by the archon Solon in 594 BC. Originally it was made up of 400 men, 100 from each of the four traditional tribes of Athens. Very little is known about how the boule functioned at this time and its existence has even been doubted. However, evidence for its existence is as secure as evidence for other sixth century institutions.

The Boulé is a black GREEK secret society based on another secret society founded at Yale University called Skull & Bones. The founding member of the New York City chapter, W.E.B. DuBois, said the Boulé was created to “keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey.”

(One thing that needs to be pointed out is the time period. At the founding of the Boulé, it was also a time during Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Afrika” movement was reaching a million plus people without television or radio.)

DuBois emphasized “the importance to steal the black professional away from Garvey because an Afro-centric organization that articulated and captured the black professional would give no safe haven in the black community, so the Boulé — the remaking of the house negro was necessary to build a group of negroes who had an investment in protecting the white system as produced by having stolen this land. This is post reconstruction.

Taking away the articulate negro, now desiring to replace them with organized institutions to keep them away from self improvement. So we find in the same period as the founding of the Boulé, the founding of the four black male (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and four black female (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho) college-based fraternities and sororities…We also find the founding of the NAACP and Urban League.” Collectively, all 4000+ members make up the wealthiest group of black men on the planet.

DuBois was one of the strongest opponents of Garvey and was an instrumental “tool” in stopping one of the strongest grassroots movements in this century. What was Garvey’s plan? His plan was to take as many Afrikans from the America’s and start a settlement in the nation of Liberia and then help their new nation produce and control their own rubber crops and other industries in natural resources.

Garvey said, “If the oil of Afrika is good for Rockefeller’s interest; if iron is good for Carnegie trust; then these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow Wall Street and the capitalist group of America and other countries exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption? Why should not Afrika give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?”

This would’ve meant no Goodyear or US. Steel as we know it today, because it would have set a precedent that would have made all Afrikans aware of their land and mineral wealth. This would’ve smashed the financial arm of white supremacy!

DuBois, along with Alain Locke — the first black (Cecil) Rhodes scholar — publicly defiled Garvey by calling him a “gorilla, dark, and dumb ass” any chance they got. Locke was quoted as saying, “We hope the white man deliver’s cause we crushed a great black thing, but we know he’ll deliver or our people will attack and plague us forever more.”

What’s deep is they didn’t believe in African self-reliance and preferred to give them table scraps instead of us making the whole pie! Understand the Boulé represents the weakest element of African people.

“It took a individual functioning at his lower self to form an organization like this. I mean, we just got our asses kicked during reconstruction, Africa was divided before our very eyes (Berlin conference), damn, this was 50 years before Rosa Parks!”

The question is why were these black devils like this? The answer may lie in the fact that the Boulé is a GREEK organization. The name Boulé is a Greek term, meaning “advisor’s to the king”. The question is, who is the king?! The king that they advise, or protect, are the white secret societies responsible for white supremacy: the first white Greek fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, the Illuminati, Rhodes/Rothschild secret society, Skull & Bones, the Masons, the Round Table Group, The New World Order, One World Government, the Carnegie, Mellon, Rhodes, Milner’s Kindergarten, The Rhodes Crown, Times Crown, All Souls Group, Clevedine Sect, and numerous other wealthy family organizations (all are simply alias’ and go by many names, but consist of same members and ideology). These white’s have raped, murdered & colonized our people for hundreds of years and their children continue the genocide against people of color around the globe.

Who is the Boulé? They are the so-called “talented 10th.” The amount of these men’s wealth (including strong political and economic connections strong enough to assist in killing Malcolm X and fellow Boulé member Martin Luther King!) cannot be matched by any other 3300+ blacks anywhere in the world!

Boulé, again, meaning “advisor’s to the king”, is the lower house of Greek parliament. Inside the Boulé history book — written by Charles H. Wesley, a Boulé member, (also wrote the history books for Alpha Phi Alpha, the Elks, and Prince Hall Masons and founded Central State University in Ohio) wrote on page 28, why one of it’s founding member’s, Minton, who also owned the first black drugstore in the United States, wanted to create such an organization:

“Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale.” Now who is Skull & Bones? Skull & Bones’ – a.k.a Brotherhood of Death, alias the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, incorporated for business purposes as Russell Trust, was established in 1776 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut .

Now remember, the beast uses many different names to confuse you, but they all were based in the same ideology…upholding white supremacy. Most politicians, both black and white, are Masons. But there is a difference. Non-whites can only attain 33 degrees; and whites get 33 and 1/3rd.

The root of Masonry is of the knowledge (33 1/3 degrees) Moses gave when he came to “civilize” them from living as beasts up in the caucus mountains. They also pledged (through Moses tricknology) in not letting you ever know the truth. Now!

If Henry Minton, who was black, wanted to create a black secret society based on these beliefs and customs, what type of EVIL was he? If you are familiar with Masonry, or secret societies, members took a pledge to never reveal the secrets of that organization, for if he did, his punishment would be death. This is why we it’s difficult to get any of the Boulé ‘ member’s to tell us what’s up.

Thanks, to an article written July 18th, 1990 of the Los Angeles Times and one published in The Washington Post, November 23, 1991, this secret society was exposed. Because people are beginning to find out about the history of the Boulé, as well as their own children lacking interest in continuing the mental and spiritual rape of African people, the Boulé publicly claims themselves as only a “social” organization. They hold regional conferences every year and a national conference every 2 years.

Each May, as a mandatory ritual, each member must read the Boulé history book from front to cover. So we know that each member has read pages 28 and 38 and know of the basis of their organization and its false acceptance of the Greeks being the founder’s of civilization. What was interesting about the LA Times article was the association of the Boulé with Skull & Bones.

“Like Yale’s Skull & Bones secret society to which (then president) George Bush belongs, the Boule’ has been criticized by some as a social anachronism, and has challenged members to change its image.” Boulé member Vernon Jordan, who is also on the Trilateral Commission and Board of Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) — which was started by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild, responsible for last phase of development of white supremacy) was quoted at a Boulé function as saying,

“We, the talented 10th, are the best able and the only ones suitable to save the black race.” This is the egotistical mentality of all members and can be traced back to its origin.”You’ve been hoodwinked. You’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been led astray, run amuck. You’ve been bamboozled”.

This group will interrupt the raise of any likes of a Marcus Garvey or Malcom X and post themselves as the only hope of Black Leadership. They are nothing more than manufactured Negros made in the the U.S.A. We must also realize that most of our co-founders of black organization’s were mulatto’s (very light-skinned). These house Negroes had already felt they were better than dark-skinned blacks. And went out of their way to prove to they were different. Because we were now “free”, still needed to keep an eye on us.

They needed an overseer. This is why around the same time as the founding of the Boulé, we find the founding of the NAACP and the Urban League. These “black” organizations were co-founded by Jewish spies who used DuBois as their scapegoat!! A lot of us don’t know this. These organizations were really a front. They were supposed to defend the countless atrocities against black people; on the contrary, we found out the very whites we were complaining about, actually help find these organizations!!

I see why the NAACP doesn’t even own the building national headquarters. With all the loot the NAACP gets annually, and they still have to pay rent for their building?! That’s because they have to answer to someone who is their major fund raiser. While we were being lynched, raped, and murdered by, we thought these organizations would help us fight for justice; later to find out the person our “leaders” answer to is the very one with blood on his hands!! “When we look at the Boulé closely, we find a confusion of values. Black men who felt that their advancement was edged upon a positive relationship with wealthy and influential white people. And I say that may have an adverse impact on our revolution.”

Out of the list we found members such as, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – performed 1st open hear surgery; Ralph Bunch – former UN Ambassador; Arthur Ashe; Urban League President, Whitney Young; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Benjamin Mays; Carter G. Woodson (all who died never speaking of the Boulé and therefore taking the secrets of white supremacy with them); Maynard Jackson – ex-mayor of Atlanta; Baseball great Hank Aaron; Tom Bradley – tv personality; Dennis Archor – mayor of Detroit; Elvin Big ‘E’ Hayes; Bill Cosby; Jesse Jackson; Earl Graves; John H. Johnson; Douglass Wilder; ex-Steeler Lynn Swann, and David Dinkins – ex-mayor of New York City, to name a few.

Most Boulé members are of the “successful” group. If this information holds true, do we look at these Black men & women in the same likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or Bill & Hilary Clinton???? Continue to seek knowledge and you shall find truth.


I would like the reader to understand that most of these men and women where recruited to this organization (The Boulé) at a young and very venerable age. These members probable had the idea that the Boulé would assist The African American movement only to find no light at the end of the tunnel. We should take notice that Moses was a murderer and Malcolm X was a burglar, pimp and hustler and still made Gods Dean List. God calls each of us at different points in our lives. I believe that Dubois some how realized his wrong doing with Marcus Garvey and was Resurrected by God to redirect his line of thinking (Ezekiel 3:20-21). Then Dubious probable wanted out of the Boulé, but realized that death is the only way out. This is probable why he moved to Ghana to live in respect of Marcus Garvey. I also believe Dr.King’s last speech ‘I’ve been to the mountain top’ was of God, and it’s over tone was centered for those in the KNOW (I fear no man, and my eye’s have seen the glory). These men I believe changed their lives before death. We’ve all done things that we regretted, let’s not hold them accountable and not ourselves. Please don’t turn this information into a chaotic uninformed madness on the people.

PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and discover the answers for yourself. Power To The People, Power To The Thinkers. Be Good 2 Yourself!

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Why isn’t the CFR in the history books?

Richard Gephardt

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

CFR member Congressman Richard Gephardt (D-MO), recently informed the TV audience that America will soon have to relinquish control to an “International Regime.” Are we approaching the day when students and workers marching in the United States will be crushed by UN Peacekeeping Forces under the control of this International Regime? Who will control the Regime – The Council on Foreign Relations? Should a major political party consider someone willing to turn our country over to an “International Regime” as a possible presidential candidate?

This blog will just about answer most of you political questions in about 15 minutes of reading. I know it’s a lot of reading, but evolving to the state of resurrecting self should be the most important thing going on in your life; nothing else should matter. Without knowing “self” it becomes almost impossible to see the vision of the hereafter.

Hardly one person in 1000 has ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Can you explain to me why the Council on Foreign Relations role in history has been left out of the history books? Why don’t we learn about them in high school history courses? Why don’t History majors in colleges learn about the Council on Foreign Relations? The information you are about to receive is about a small group of greedy, selfish people who have taken control of our government and are fixing votes in Congress. Don’t you owe it to the people you represent to do something about it?

The Council on Foreign Relations was formally established in Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organization founded and funded by Cecil Rhodes, who became fabulously wealthy by exploiting the people of South Africa. Rhodes is the father of Apartheid. Now do you know any Rhodes scholars? Check!

The Council on Foreign Relations was founded by a group of American and British imperialists and racists intent on ruling the world. Many of the American members were American intelligence officers that belonged to the first American Intelligence Agency . Many of the British members were British Intelligence Agents. The members, who included such notable Americans as Col. Edward Mandel House, Walter Lippmann, Isaiah Bowman, and James Shotwell, wrote most of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points. I have a link below with the membership list.

The CFR/RIIA method of operation is simple — they control public opinion. They keep the identity of their group secret. They learn the likes and dislikes of influential people. They surround and manipulate them into acting in the best interest of the CFR/RIIA.

The Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are adept at using the media to create massive psycho-political operations used to manipulate public opinion. The psycho-political operations are often designed to create tensions between different groups of people. The object is to keep the world in a state of perpetual tension and warfare to maximize profits from CFR/RIIA munitions, medicine, media, energy, and food businesses.

The CFR has only 3000 members yet they control over three-quarters of the nation’s wealth. The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. The CFR has placed 100 CFR members in every Presidential Administration since Woodrow Wilson. They work together to misinform and dis-inform the President to act in the best interest of the CFR not the best interest of the American People. At least five Presidents (Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton) have been members of the CFR.

Note: This for those who believe these crimes of war wouldn’t have happened if Clinton was president. Free your mind! The CFR has packed every Supreme Court with CFR insiders. Three CFR members (Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Sandra Day O’Connor) sit on the Supreme Court. The CFR’s British Counterpart is the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The members of these groups profit by creating tension and hate. Their targets include British and American citizens.

The 100 CFR members that surround the president are “the Secret Team.” The “Secret Team” helps carry out psycho-political operations scripted by CFR members in the state department and the Intelligence Organizations. The psycho-political operations are coordinated by a group of Council on Foreign Relations members called the Special Group. The Special Group evolved from the Psychological Strategy Board.

President Truman issued an executive order establishing the Psychological Strategy Board. The Board was run by CFR members Gordon Gray and Henry Kissinger. The PSB has close ties to the State Department and Intelligence Organizations. The purpose of the PSB was to co-ordinate psycho-political operations. Many of those operations were focused at Americans. The people became wary of the Psychological Strategy Board. Eisenhower issued an executive order changing its name to the Operations Coordination Board. The OCB was a bigger more powerful PSB. Gray and Kissinger ran the OCB too. President Kennedy abolished the OCB. It became an ad hoc committee called the “Special Group,” which exists today.

Note: Same Game, Under A Different Name. Free your mind! The PSB/OCB/Special Group always has CFR members running and sitting on it. Since the Special Group was not formed by Executive Order it cannot be abolished.

On September 12, 1939, the Council on Foreign Relations began to take control of the Department of State. On that day Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Editor of Foreign Affairs, and Walter H. Mallory, Executive Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, paid a visit to the State Department. The Council proposed forming groups of experts to proceed with research in the general areas of Security, Armament, Economic, Political, and Territorial problems. The State Department accepted the proposal. The project (1939-1945) was called Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies.

In total there were 362 meetings of the War and Peace Studies groups. The meetings were held at Council on Foreign Relations headquarters the Harold Pratt house, Fifty-Eight East Sixty-Eighth Street, New York City.

Note: any protest held in America must be held here first. The CFR members are the movers & shakers of this imaginary democracy. The Council’s wartime work was confidential.

In 1944 members of the Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies Political Group were invited to be active members at the Dumbarton Oaks conference on world economic arrangements.

In 1945 these men and members of Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs were active at the San Francisco conference which ensured the establishment of the United Nations.

Note: This why your President was able flick off the United Nations on the Weapons of Mass Destruction Issue. Criminals in High Places!!!

In 1947 Council on Foreign Relations members George Kennan, Walter Lippmann, Paul Nitze, Dean Achenson, and Walter Krock took part in a psycho-political operation forcing the Marshall Plan on the American public. The PSYOP included an “anonymous” letter credited to a Mr. X, which appeared in the Council on Foreign Relations magazine FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The letter opened the door for the CFR controlled Truman administration to take a hard line against the threat of Soviet expansion. George Kennan was the author of the letter.

The Marshall Plan should have been called the Council on Foreign Relations Plan. The so-called Marshall Plan and the ensuing North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defined the role of the United States in world politics for the rest of the century.

In 1950 another PSYOP resulted in NSC-68, a key cold war document. The NSC (National Security Council) didn’t write it — the Department of State Policy Planning Staff did. The cast of characters included CFR members George Kennan, Paul Nitze, and Dean Achenson. NSC-68 was given to Truman on April 7, 1950. NSC-68 was a practical extension of the Truman doctrine. It had the US assume the role of world policeman and use 20 per cent of its gross national product ($50 billion in 1953) for arms. NSC-68 provided the justification.

NSC-68 realized a major Council on Foreign Relations aim — building the largest military establishment in Peace Time History. Within a year of drafting NSC-68, the security-related budget leaped to $22 billion, armed forces manpower was up to a million — CFR medicine, munitions, food, and media businesses were humming again. The following year the NSC-68 budget rose to $44 billion. In fiscal 1953 it jumped to $50 billion. Today (1997) we are still running $300 billion dollar defense budgets despite Russia giving up because it went bankrupt.

Note: Is the Council on Foreign Relations trying to make the United States economically vulnerable to influence from outside sources? Isn’t that treason?

If you want to learn about the CFR try the following:

Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time
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